Guide to the Site has a new look and feel. We hope you’ll find it fun and easier to use. Let’s start!



At the top of the page is our site navigation and featured content.  We’ll cover this section in greater detail shortly, but this is where you’ll find the most important news and events and where you can quickly get to the home page of each of our chapters – just by clicking on the name of the chapter at the right of the featured content image.

Just below is our events bar.  Each chapter’s monthly meetings are featured here, along with a general events calendar and a link to our events and news pages. Click through on any to get details of the event.

Want to know more about our major programs? Gateways to our 3 major program areas are next.

If you want to find out what’s in store at the next chapter meeting, scan for an event you’d like to attend, or keep up on the latest news and knowledge, spend some time right below our program gateways.

PFLAG is about telling our stories and supporting through shared experiences. We feature some of that, and if you’d like, you can add your own.

Want to get involved in a 40 year tradition of support and service? Why not?

And finally, the footer. You’ve made it to the bottom of the page. Dig deeper!


Welcome to our home page.  At the top is the navigation bar. It appears on every page.

Click on the home icon or on the logo at the upper left to return to this page from anywhere in the site. Need to find support, find a meeting, get some answers, or follow us on social media? That’s just below our logo.

To the right is our main navigation. And if you don’t know what you’re looking for exactly, just use the search bar.

The home page slider presents important chapter family events, news, and articles. If you click on any of the chapter names in the logo on the right, you’ll go straight to the home page for that chapter…

…which looks like this.  Here you’ll get full details of current chapter meetings and events, where the chapter meets, volunteer opportunities and a signup page so you can stay in touch.


If you’re visiting this site on a laptop or desktop computer, you haven’t experienced the biggest news about our new site: it adapts to the device you view it on!  Computer, tablet, or phone, no more squinting – works, however you visit us.


What to find a meeting quickly? Click on find a meeting on the navigation bar.  You’ll get this one-page summary of where we meet, links to our chapters’ home pages, and access to our National sites’ chapter finder tool if you’re out of our service area.

Navigate to the News page to read our blog.


Our site has always been a resource for those looking for answers and links to providers. Our knowledgebase is a great first stop on your quest for answers, and easy to navigate.

There’s a lot more on the new Go exploring!